ACDC Business IT services deliver corporate level IT services to small- and micro businesses. We do believe that any size of business should be supported by a hassle free just working IT. We do:

  • IT concepts – creating new or adapting existing technology exactly for your unique business process: The IT needs to work the way you work, not the other way round
  • IT installations: We install / upgrade your hard- and software in a reliable and safe way
  • Backup strategies: Your data are the backbone of your business, they need to be backed up regularly and more importantly, the recovery of these data has to be tested regularly so we can be sure it works in the actual emergency case
  • IT Maintenance: doing all virus checks, backups, software updates and hardware checks and cleaning regularly is key to keep downtimes low, so your IT works when you need it
  • Trouble shooting: Even with the best maintenance breakdowns can happen – be it the Internet service dropping out or simply a printer refuses to print – you should have access to a service who knows your IT already and goes right down to the case
  • Phone support: You know the situation, you want to finish a document quickly and can’t find that draft or the right button to click. Our phone support can remotely log into your computer and show you where, so you not only get your problem solved but also up your skills

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